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If you are looking for a career in the senior care industry – look no further.

Are you….

  • Are you a leader with a heart’s desire to make a difference in the lives of others?
  • Do others naturally follow you because of your values, character and positive outlook on life?
  • Do you LOVE details, puzzles and bringing creative solutions to problems?
  • Are you coachable?  Open to learning and growing personally and professionally?

If this describes you, keep on reading!

The official title of our opening is: Care Coordinator/Scheduler

But here are some details about the position and environment:

This position is based in Lexington, SC,  BUT you will sometimes need to travel to our other offices for a day or so.

Some days are fast-paced and you have to be able to think on your feet, make solid decisions that make sense and keep your cool under pressure. We are in the people business and people are people. If you find yourself fussing at cars that cut you off in traffic or thinking everyone is an idiot but you, you probably won’t last long here.

Your primary role in this job will be to make amazing, flawless caregiver placements with seniors who need help. This is not justfilling holes in a schedule type of job. You must take many factors into consideration when making choices and make placements that make sense and keeps everyone happy. No worries, we will train you on those factors of consideration. But this takes a certain intuition and being able to understand the motives and incentives of people in general.

You have to like people and be outgoing and social. If you are timid or shy, you know, the one who hangs in the back of the room hoping no one sees you, you will be uncomfortable most of the time. Because you will need to be able to attract new caregivers to our company and shy, timid people don’t seem to do that very well. So yes, you will be doing some recruiting, which will require you to be out forming new relationships.

Oh, multi-tasking seems to happen a lot around here. If this frustrates you or you have organizational or memory challenges, you will want to go home and cry at the end of the day. We really don’t want you to cry, so make sure you feel confident in your ability to keep up with lots of information and lots of tasks on a daily basis.

What else can I tell you? We are looking for a non-stuffy, high emotionally intelligent, gifted leader professional. We do not do things like anyone else (hence this ad is a perfect example). So if you are ready to join a company with “outside the box” thinkers and high energy achievers and this sounds good to you, then what are you waiting for? Reply.

Oh, P.S., if you have experience leading others in a management role, give us lots of details about that. This is a leadership position. If you need someone to tell you what to do everyday, you will be sitting around staring at walls all day. The salary for that is ZERO. Self-starters only need to apply.

Looking forward to talking to you.  Forward your best resume and dazzling cover letter to:  Please put in the subject line these exact words…  “I Am Ready To Join Your Team” so I can sort through them quickly.