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Simplified Cellphone for Seniors

In today’s 21st century world, it is dangerous to not have a cellphone. If there is an emergency or someone finds themselves in a situation where they need help, like being stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, a cellphone is handy. However, many senior citizens either do not want or find it difficult to operate the smartphones on the market. As found in this Huffington Post article, there are basic seniorcitizens-oldcellphone options for senior citizens looking to purchase a cellphone. These phones have features that are geared towards the needs of the senior citizen population: big buttons, easy to navigate menus, enhanced sound and hearing aid compatible speakers, etc, but are less technologically advanced. RetireEASE Senior Services recommends looking at these phone options if you have or are a senior citizen looking for a cellphone solution in today’s digital world that is more user friendly.