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Pinterest Inspired 4th of July Celebration Ideas

When the 4th of July pops into one’s mind, images of fireworks, BBQ’s and lots of red, white, and blue are dancing around. Families revel in traditions or head to the lakes/oceans/or pools to celebrate America’s independence.

However, what happens when you have to plan a last minute party? Did you family members call and tell you they are coming into town? Or did you decide that you would like to do something to celebrate?

No need to panic. Pinterest has you covered. In honor of the upcoming 4th of July weekend, here are a few “simple and last minute” ideas to pull together an awesome weekend.

photo credit: www.perfectlyimperfectblog.com

Children/Adult Fruit Bar:

Fresh fruit is not only a light treat when sitting in the hot July sun, but it is also extremely healthy. Take a handful of blueberries or strawberries or which ever fruit you prefer, and place them in a wrapped up, decorated piece of paper. You can choose a decorative piece of paper (like shown in the photo) or plain white. This will allow kids or any guest to carry their fruit around and it looks festive. This will also be a cheap idea and easy assembly for last minute planning.




image courtesy of Pinterest
image courtesy of Pinterest

“What about decoration ideas?” you ask. Well, if this is last minute, head over to your local Dollar Store. It will be loaded with cheap, decorative accessories. Buy flowers, bowls, flags, etc. and then arrange them on your table or around your backyard/entertaining area, as you prefer.  This will be cost efficient and will look great. Last minute or not, no one will be able to tell.




For more ideas, go to Pinterest and type in “July 4th DIY ideas” or any other key words.


Happy 4th of July!