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10 Tips For Family Caregivers of Seniors

Things To Consider While Traveling With Elderly Parents

Travel and adventure have no age limits. However, traveling with elderly parents, family members, or friends may look a little different than their past escapades. With a little research and planning, you can create a vacation to be remembered. Preparing to Travel with an Elderly Parent Your stress-free vacation is ...
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Preventing Elder Abuse

It’s a tragic truth that senior abuse exists. In fact, at least 1 in 10 people 60 years and older will suffer abuse or neglect each year, but only 1 in 24 of those cases are ever reported. Every June, Elder Abuse Awareness Month brings focus to this pervasive issue, ...
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How to Prevent Elder Abuse - Retire Ease

At Home Health Care Vs. Assisted Living Facilities

If you are or have an elderly loved one struggling to care for themselves, you may be wondering how to provide the best at home health care they need in their senior years. There are various options you can consider for this purpose. Options For Care Facilities Independent Living Communities ...
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At Home Care vs. Assisted Living - Retire Ease

Moving Elderly Parents Out Of Their Home

Many seniors face the stressful decision to either move into assisted living or stay at home. It's a tough decision, but there is an alternative solution: moving parents into your own home. This article will cover five tips for making the transition of moving elderly parents out of their home ...
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Senior Moving out of the Home - Retire Ease

7 Tips For a Successful Telehealth Visit

Let's be honest. We're currently in a period where it is more secure and more practical for doctors to meet with patients by means of video rather than meeting face to face in an office.  Imagine sitting in a waiting room among other sick patients, exposing your immune system to ...
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Tips For a Successful Telehealth Visit - Retire Ease

Surviving Spring Allergies

Who doesn’t love the joy of a spring day after a long winter? The trees are flashing their new green, robins are back in the yard, the first colorful flower wildflowers are emerging with a vibrant new sense of energy. Aah, but then comes a certain price to pay for ...
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Tips for Surviving Spring Allergies - Retire Ease